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Success Time

Success Time is a period in the day for students in grades K-5.  It is called Success Time because every child is being taught at his/her instructional level in terms of academic need.   Based on pretest and post-test data aligned to grade level concepts, students are grouped for 30 minutes a day (20 minutes for Kindergarteners) to have re-teaching, skill development, or extension and enrichment.  If a student performs well on the assessment of the concept being taught, that student participates in an enrichment activity which presents a higher level of academic rigor. 
Students that do not master the concepts being taught are given extra support through small group instruction in the form of re-teaching.  In some cases, students are given small group support (3 students to 1 adult) on basic skill development.
The Success Time is a great way to differentiate our instruction so that no child, including those that can be challenged, is left behind. 
To prepare for Success Time, our teachers meet regularly to assess groups and plan for the instruction at the different levels.  Our special education, reading staff, Meriden's Math Department, classroom teachers, and administration support the Success Time model because it offers opportunities for students to engage in authentic and tailored learning at their level.  Students do not miss any core curricular instruction during Success Time because it is scheduled as an additional time block.  It is embedded in the day of every child, and is our way of supporting the learners that are struggling, and challenging the learners that are up for it.  Because we use assessments to determine which students need the extra support or enrichment, students are able to move between groups.  There are chances for all students to receive extra help if needed or enrichment if they master the concept. 

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