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Hanover, Meriden CT Elementary School
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Meriden CT Elementary Schools, Hanover

Elementary School

208 Main Street
S. Meriden, CT 06451
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General Information

Records show that in the 1860s there was a school listed called the Hanover School, or the South Meriden School. In 1930, Hanover School was renamed the Robert Morris School. Two years later, the school mysteriously burnt to the ground after plans were made to rebuild a new school on West Main Street which would close it down for good. In 1934, Hanover School was rebuilt and there were 8 teachers and 234 pupils. In 1954, another 18 rooms were added to the school. Another addition was made and finally 6 more rooms were built. In the 1990ís, Hanover School was closed for asbestos removal. Over the next few years, remodeling, upgrading, and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act gives South Meriden the Hanover School that exists today.  Recently, Meriden Public Schools added all day kindergarten to the district and Hanover School added another wing.  Late in 2012, the new Hanover kindergarten wing opened with 8 amazing classrooms.

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