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208 Main Street
S. Meriden, CT 06451
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About Hanover School

Hanover School History  

Records show that in the 1860s there was a school listed called the Hanover School, or the South Meriden School. In 1930, Hanover School was renamed the Robert Morris School. Two years later, the school mysteriously burnt to the ground after plans were made to rebuild a new school on West Main St. which would close it down for good. In 1934, Hanover school was rebuilt and there were 8 teachers and 234 pupils.  Then, in 1954, 18 rooms were added to the school. Another addition and 6 more rooms were built. In the 1990s Hanover School was closed for asbestos removal. Over the next few years remodeling, upgrading, and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act gives us the Hanover school that exists at present.  The last, most recent and amazing addition, is the Kindergarten wing.  This 8 room wing with heated floors and state-of-the-art classrooms was built in the 2012 -2013 school year.


Present Features

Hanover School houses approximately 650 students and the YMCA Little Hounds Program with 26 students
  There are over 50 teachers. The average number of years experience per teacher is 16 and 81% of the teachers have already received their Masters Degree. There are also over 35 non-certified personnel and 2 Administrators. 

     Additional programs include: 

    - Inclusion Program

    - Bilingual Program 
    - STARS 
    - Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy 
    - School Worker, Bilingual School Psychologist and Family School Liaison

Hanover School presently has three class size computer labs with a full time MLT  (Math Literacy Technology) teacher, one IPad cart and 3 Chromebook carts.  Additionaly, each classroom has an average of 3 computers with all classrooms connected to the internet. 

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